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The ocean might seem far away from our offices, but our team member Billy is actively engaged on the north shore of Java, Indonesia, where he manages our clean-up activities to gradually clear the sea from plastic.


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The idea behind everything!

Find out how two friends came up with the idea on how to save our oceans during a long road trip.




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If you have questions, any suggestions, or maybe you just want to talk? Please feel free to contact us. Martin & his team are happy to help!

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World’s first backpacks made of ocean plastic.

Sustainable in everyday life

No matter if it's a weekend trip or your trip to the office. CREATE AN IMPACT.


Your sustainable companions for everyday.


Make your loved ones a sustainable gift and help to recover ocean plastic at the same time.
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World's first CARDHOLDER made of ocean plastic!
In Stock. Delivery within 2-5 days!
Your personalized GOT BAG will arrive in 3-4 weeks!

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24 months warranty

With your purchase you help us to recover 0.4 lb ocean plastic!

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Your statement against ocean plastic – support the GOT BAG Clean-Up in Indonesia
Your support for the GOT BAG mission – together against plastic pollution

The minimalistic card case for those focussing on the essentials. Offers space for both your cards & notes.

For each CARDHOLDER we recycle 0.4 lb ocean plastic.

  • Sleek & minimalistic

    • Your everyday hero. Stay focused on the essentials with our sustainable CARDHOLDER, which holds up to 5 debit or credit cards, cash or receipts.
  • Made from ocean plastic

    • Through meticulous research and development, we were able to create a truly sustainable travel companion that convinces with its minimalistic design and durability. 
    • For each CARDHOLDER, we recover up to 2.2 lb of plastic with our own clean-up program in Indonesia. 
    • By using recycled PET, we are able to ensure that all of our products are as eco-friendly as possible. 
    • All other unusable parts of the recovered plastic are discarded according to the right recycling chain. 
  • 100% waterproof material

    • The fabric of our CARDHOLDER is waterproof thanks to an innovative and environmentally friendly BIO-PU coating, which makes sure that all your belongings stay dry.
  • 2 years warranty

    • Only a long lasting product is a truly sustainable product.
    • That’s why we offer you a 2 year warranty.
  • FAQ

    Where does the ocean plastic for your products come from?

    We collaborate with a network of 1,500 fishermen on the north shore of Java, Indonesia, where our team member Billy manages the clean-up. Those fishermen collect the ocean plastic as by-catch. The plastic is cleaned and sorted before processed further. The PET portion of the by-catch is shredded into pellets, while all other unusable parts of the recovered plastic are discarded according to the right recycling chain. 

    Through our efforts with local authorities, we provide workshops and educate the residents on the environmental threats caused by plastic pollution. In the long term, we hope to create an impact not only by providing environmentally and socially compatible products but also with a change of actions of our audience. 

    How do you make sure my CARDHOLDER won’t end up in our oceans again?

    Only a long lasting product is a truly sustainable product. If your CARDHOLDER is damaged, we will repair it as part of our GOT BAG Cycle, to make sure nothing of it will ever end up in our oceans again. Any excess material will be reintroduced in the next production cycle.

    How sustainable are your logistical routes and the packaging material?

    We take our mission seriously. Your order should be delivered to your doorstep with as few emissions as possible. That’s why we choose trains to Europe and ships to the US as our means of transport. We ship our sustainable products only in Poly Mailers that are made with 100% recycled content as well. The mailers are reusable and recyclable (for most households, these would be recycled at a standard grocery bag drop off location). To learn more about our approach to eco-friendly packaging, visit our partner’s website here. Currently we are also working on climate-neutral options, to at least carbon offset our shipping methods with our carriers. Stay tuned!

Ever since we started our journey in 2016, we’ve been pursuing our goal of cleaning the oceans from plastic waste!

How we turn trash into treasure!

Our network of 1,500 fishermen on the north shore of Indonesia collects ocean plastic as by-catch. The plastic is cleaned and sorted before processed.
The PET portion of the by-catch is shredded into pellets, while all other unusable parts of the recovered plastic are discarded according to the right recycling chain.
The pellets are shipped to our production facility, where they are turned into a high-quality yarn.
The yarn is ultimately turned into a polyester fabric, which is waterproof thanks to an innovative BIO-PU coating and the foundation for your GOT BAG.

Be part of the
GOT BAG Family

You take action and help to protect our oceans & the environment

You enjoy a high-quality, stylish & long-lasting product

You contribute to a plastic-free future for our oceans

You’re in great company with over 50,000 like-minded ocean lovers

You support a system with fair & social working conditions for everyone involved

Your product is being produced together with our bluesign®, BSCI and SMETA certified partners

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Simple and light! Love it!
Knew that this card holder is supposed to hold very little stuff but light to carry.
Super proud of this company doing a good thing to the environment. Hope more people know about this company!

Warps the cards. Hard to get cards in and out. Not practical.

So sad. I really wanted to love this product. And I love the mission of the company. But using cards in this wallet warps them significantly.

I will say this, the quality is good, and it seems durable, BUT that is at the expense of the practical functions of a wallet.
The wallet is so small to the point that if you put 3 cards in it (it holds 5), the cards are cramped and very hard to get in and out. But most importantly, the cards, once cramped in there, endure a significant amount of bending. After having it for one day I noticed that all 3 cards are now slightly warped. If you try and put 5 cards in there and one or two bills (which it's built for), the warping is intensified.

It's bizarre, it's like no stress-testing was done. It's obvious that the cards will break or become unusable for ATMs the more they are used. The most un-useable wallet I've ever bought. For $30+ (with shipping) I feel cheap-shotted.

Amazing low profile wallet

I'm super impressed by the wallet. It holds all my cards and is super low profile. easy to get in and out of my jeans. It's made out of reclaimed ocean plastic - which is the cherry on top



Perfectly happy

I have been using the Cardholder for quite some time now and it is completely fulfilling its purpose. Simple and practical, I can only recommend it.

Recycling of ocean plastic

By using recycled PET, we made the commitment to utilize an eco-friendly alternative to new plastic in our yarn production. One metric ton of recycled PET saves 3.8 barrels of oil, 3,750 lb of water, and reduces the CO2 emission by 306,000 lb compared to the industry standard. So far, we were able to recycle 117 tons of ocean plastic.

Sociological & ecological values

Providing environmentally and socially compatible products is not enough for us. We also organize training sessions on waste separation for the local community on Java, to create a collective awareness about plastic pollution. GOT BAG also helps to support the establishment of a waste infrastructure in rural areas. In the long term, we hope to persuade the local government to rethink the way it operates Indonesia’s waste management system.

Innovative BIO-PU coating

Sustainable down to the last fiber! The fabric of every GOT BAG is water-repellent thanks to an innovative BIO-PU coating, which uses significantly less water and oil during production, while also emitting less CO2 than traditional coating processes. All of our products are free from PFC.


With our GOT BAG CYCLE, we decided to rely on a sustainable life cycle approach guided by nature.

We recycle plastic waste to manufacture premium yarns, which we ultimately use to sew our long-lasting products. Every single GOT BAG product is of the highest quality and durable. If you still encounter problems with one of our products, or if the product gets damaged, we offer you a repair service. If we exchange your GOT BAG, we will re-recycle the material for our next production line to make sure that the plastic will never end up in our oceans again.

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