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GOT BAG, The World’s First Backpacks Made From Ocean Plastic, Launches in the United States

Portland, OR, November 10, 2020 — GOT BAG, the world’s first backpacks made from ocean plastic, today announces its American launch, following the company’s 2016 inception in Europe. Each of the four bags available at launch is made from 3.3 - 9.9 lbs. of plastic recovered from the ocean by the GOT BAG team, and their waterproof coating is made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable ingredients that avoid groundwater pollution.

Over 9 million tons of plastic waste escape into the oceans every year, and plastic makes up 75% of the world’s ocean pollution. GOT BAG is an eco-friendly fashion brand dedicated to raising awareness about this issue and cleaning our oceans from plastic pollution, while turning the waste into something useful. Through the company’s clean-up program in partnership with a network of 1,500 fishermen off the north shore of Java, Indonesia, GOT BAG collects ocean plastic as by-catch, where it is then cleaned, sorted and processed. Any unusable recovered plastic is recycled, while the PET plastic is shredded into pellets and turned into a robust yarn, and ultimately into a polyester fabric. The material is then waterproofed with an innovative and environmentally-friendly BIO-PU coating, creating the foundation for beautiful, one-of-a-kind GOT BAG products. For every GOT BAG, the company recovers up to 9.9 lbs. of ocean plastic.

In an effort to reduce ocean plastic pollution at its source, GOT BAG leads workshops and training sessions on waste separation for the local community in Java, to create a collective awareness about plastic pollution. The company also supports the establishment of waste infrastructure in rural areas, with the long-term goal of persuading the local government to rethink the way it operates Indonesia’s waste management system, which is the world’s second-largest contributor to ocean plastic pollution. Through its continued growth, GOT BAG plans to expand its plastic recycling operations to other areas.

GOT BAG’s line of stylish and eco-friendly products are all made from 100% recycled materials, and are long-lasting, with a 2 year warranty included. Purchasable online, products include the Rolltop Backpack ($149), the Daypack ($99), the Weekender ($179), and the Hip Bag ($49). Consumers can also purchase a line of accessories, including a wallet, water bottle, cardholder, shower bag and passport cover.


Create an Impact

Founded in 2016 in Germany, GOT BAG is an eco-friendly fashion brand creating the world’s first backpacks made from ocean plastic. United by the vision of a plastic-free future for our oceans, GOT BAG’s goal is to clean up the oceans of a significant amount of waste. For each GOT BAG created, up to 9.9 lbs. of ocean plastic is collected. To date, 117 tons of ocean plastic has been recovered and recycled through GOT BAG’s efforts.

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