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2 s*h*a.p*t*r@g*x.d* 10:01am
3 j*n*h*j*k*s*h*l*@*m*.*e 10:01am
4 T*m*N*u*e*e*@*e*.*e 10:01am
5 a*a*t*s*a.s*m*e*1*@*c*o*d.c*m 10:01am
6 y*o*n*.*a*d*l@g*x.d* 10:01am
7 M*r*e.h*l*n*r@g*x.d* 10:01am
8 l*s*_*r*i*e*s*e*n@y*h*o.d* 10:01am
9 n*l*9*v*i*t@g*a*l.c*m 10:01am
10 m*t*.*l*d*w@g*a*l.c*m 10:01am
11 a*e*a*d*a.r*p*e*@*l*e*i*.*h 10:01am
12 b*s*i*n*a*p*@*m*i*.*o* 10:01am
13 l*r*.*i*t*r*a@m*i*.*o* 10:01am
14 d*e*r*c*l*r*@*c*o*d.c*m 10:01am
15 k*t*a*i*a.b*9*@*m*i*.*o* 10:01am
16 e.s*r*u*z@g*x.d* 10:01am
17 l*u*a*z*c*@*o*m*i*.*e 10:01am
18 h*p*u*@*m*i*.*o* 10:01am
19 f*e*r@d*v*p*g*.*e* 10:01am
20 n*d*n*.*e*k*n*s*@*o*m*i*.*o* 10:01am
21 L*K*n*a*@*e*.*e 10:01am
22 k*t*.*t*u*k@g*a*l.c*m 10:01am
23 g*a*z*.*i*a@g*a*l.c*m 10:01am
24 t*n*.*h*i*t*a*n@a*l.c*m 10:01am
25 e*i*s*e*d*e*t*n*@*m*i*.*o* 10:01am
26 S*a*e*s*e*g*r@g*x.a* 10:01am
27 l*n*a*@*e*.*e 10:01am
28 A*n*l*n*v*n*h*@*e*.*e 10:01am
29 n*l*r*d*l*h*@*o*g*e*a*l.c*m 10:01am
30 g*m*o*l*a@h*t*a*l.d* 10:01am
31 m*w*r*e*@*m*i*.*o* 10:01am
32 s*b*n*.*u*c*e*@*o*g*e*a*l.c*m 10:01am
33 a*n*l*n*s*h*e*b*r@g*a*l.c*m 10:01am
34 h*l*n*@*i*s*e*g*r.d* 10:01am
35 f*s*i*z@g*a*l.c*m 10:01am
36 m*r*.*o*l*e@g*x.d* 10:01am
37 a*r*s*e*t@w*b.d* 10:01am
38 n*t*a*i*w*b*e*@*n*i*e.d* 10:02am
39 e*m*.*a*l*r@g*a*l.c*m 10:02am
40 j*s*.*a@f*e*n*t.d* 10:02am
41 s*r*h.b*e*e*b*c*@*a*o*.*e 10:02am
42 e.w*i*m*n*@*m*.*e 10:02am
43 r*c*.*r*s*@*e.c*m 10:02am
44 A.N*u*a*n*l*u*@*-*n*i*e.d* 10:02am
45 n*n*.*e*n*m*n*@*m*.*e 10:02am
46 m.b*c*m*n*9*@*m*.*e 10:02am
47 k*m*5*1@w*b.d* 10:02am
48 h*n*a*e*s*i*g@w*b.d* 10:02am
49 M*d*l*i*e*e*e*l@w*b.d* 10:02am
50 z*e*l*r*m*c*e*l*@*m*.*e 10:02am
51 h*n*a*w*i*a*c*@*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
52 h*n*e*5@g*a*l.c*m 10:02am
53 n*d*n*r*d*n@g*x.d* 10:02am
54 m*r*a*e*h*.*u*s*@*r*e*e*.*e 10:02am
55 S*r*h.w*i*e*@*m*.*e 10:02am
56 U*l*.*a*o*g*@*r*e*e*.*e 10:02am
57 E*a*S*e*h*@*e*.*e 10:02am
58 A*a*t*s*a*M*u*@*e*.*e 10:02am
59 j*n*n*.*i*c*e*2*0*@*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
60 v*g*s*a*e@w*b.d* 10:02am
61 a*n*-*c*u*z*7@g*x.d* 10:02am
62 g*i*s*e*.*a*c*@*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
63 b*h.a*l*y*m@g*a*l.c*m 10:02am
64 n*a*k*h*n*a*@*e*.*e 10:02am
65 i*f*@*h*i*t*a*w*l*.*e 10:02am
66 f*b*a*l*h*6@m*i*.*e 10:02am
67 t*n*e*a*7@a*l.c*m 10:02am
68 l*n*h*c*e*m*i*r@g*o*l*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
69 a*i*a.s*h*e@w*b.d* 10:02am
70 p*v*9*@*e*.*e 10:02am
71 d*v*d*a*z*a*n@o*t*o*k.c*m 10:02am
72 N*k*a*S*h*i*t@o*l*n*.*e 10:02am
73 m.s*a*o*.*o*e@g*a*l.c*m 10:02am
74 l*r*@*b*r*e*n*i*e.n*t 10:02am
75 t*m*i*p*h*n@w*b.d* 10:02am
76 N*c*l*.*c*m*t*@*p*m.d* 10:02am
77 b*a*c*k*o*m*e@w*b.d* 10:02am
78 j*a*n*.*n*r*s@g*x.d* 10:02am
79 k*o*s*e*a*r*c*@*o*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
80 n*n*b*r*i*e*@*o*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
81 b*n*e.j*l*a@w*b.d* 10:02am
82 n*n*.*a*f*a*n@y*h*o.d* 10:02am
83 j*l*a*i*p*e*@*m*.*e 10:02am
84 j*n*n*.*e*r*c*@*e*.*e 10:02am
85 o*i*e*.*a*s*h@c*n*l*x*g*b*.*e 10:02am
86 m*l*s*a.k*l*u*d@g*x.d* 10:02am
87 j*j*.*l*t*@*e*.*e 10:02am
88 n*t*l*e@d*i*b*k.d* 10:02am
89 b*a*c*h*t*@*m*.*e* 10:02am
90 k*i*t*n*.*i*t*8@g*a*l.c*m 10:02am
91 s*e*a*i*-*e*g*r@g*x.a* 10:02am
92 h*b*o*n.n*l*@*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
93 j*s*i*a.t*n*z*e*t@h*t*a*l.d* 10:02am
94 A*.*a*9*@*e*.*e 10:02am
95 r*n*e*.*o*a*n*@*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
96 k*t*a*i*a*f*l*n*r@g*x.d* 10:02am
97 b*r*h*.*9*5@g*o*l*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
98 p*b*o*t*@*m*i*.*o* 10:02am
99 j*l*a.m*i*@*c*o*d.c*m 10:02am
100 s*p*i*k*s*a*z@f*e*n*t.d* 10:02am


Activating the communities that spend most of their time on the water, we created a network of over 2,000 Indonesian fishermen to recover the ocean plastics they pull in with their nets. By-catch that isn’t edible, but recyclable. We recycle up to 9.9 lbs of ocean plastic for each GOT BAG!

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How we turn trash into treasure

Our network of 2,000 fishermen on the north shore of Java, Indonesia collects ocean plastic as by-catch. The plastic is cleaned and sorted before processed.
The PET portion of the by-catch is shredded into pellets, while all other types of the recovered plastic are discarded according to the right recycling chain.
The pellets are turned into a robust yarn and ultimately into a polyester fabric, which is water-repellent thanks to an innovative BIO-PU coating and the foundation for your GOT BAG.
To keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible, we chose trains to Europe and ships to the North America as our means of transport. Additionally, we carbon offset all of our shipping routes to North America and within North America.

Make change happen

and save our oceans!

Verified Review
Sam I. from Denver

This bag is amazing. It fits everything, the laptop sleeve is super convenient for making it a go-to work or travel bag, it's waterproof, and super stylish. On top of that, it's entirely made from Ocean Plastic so I feel like I'm actually helping out the earth.

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Verified Review
Joseph D. from New York

I love the style of the bag and I am passionate about the heartfelt social impact this brand awareness will have for our beloved oceans!

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Verified Review
Julia D. from Seattle

I love my new GOT BAG. It is incredibly well made and I love that it is from recycled trash pulled out of the ocean. I can't wait to purchase more products that are made this way!

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Verified Review
Jasmin B. from Berlin

Excellent product! The fabric of the backpack feels high-quality and is very comfortable to wear. Beautiful packaging, fast shipping, very transparent ordering process AND a contribution to support the oceans. Absolutely great!

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