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The classic with the iconic GOT BAG flag.
The monochrome version with a tone-on-tone flag and subtle logo matches any of your outfits.
This product has minor cosmetic imperfections but is fully functional.
This product will not be reproduced and is only available in limited quantities.
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Together, we are dedicated to protecting the oceans: With every purchase, we contribute 10% of the sales price to SEA SHEPHERD.
Changing the world - one coral at a time: Adopt a coral growing to new life with this Collab Edition.
Team Malizia raises awareness of the climate crisis under the slogan "A race we must win" as they compete in the most challenging races.

Adopt a coral

You will receive a free Coral Adoption Card worth €28. Together we support our partner Coral Gardeners in the conservation of coral reefs.

Yes, I would like updates about my coral from Coral Gardeners.

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Clean-up program in Indonesia

Over 1,800,000 lbs of Ocean Impact Plastic collected

Clean-up program in Indonesia

More than just recycled plastic: Our GOT BAG Indonesia foundation operates a clean-up program that collects Ocean Impact Plastic from the ocean and coastal areas. Join our community and help us shape a brighter, more eco-conscious future.

We’ve GOT your BAG Service

Within the two-year warranty period, our Oregon-based repair service is available to you at no additional cost. If a product does not meet our promises, you can request a hassle-free exchange.

Oregon GOT your BAG

Based in the eco-friendly hub of Oregon, we found our home amid the stunning landscapes and green ethos of the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by the region's commitment to sustainability, our headquarters embody the spirit of environmental consciousness.

Sustainably packed and shipped

It's all about the final mile. We deliver your package with a CO2-neutral footprint and, of course, in eco-friendly, recycled cardboard and polybags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Annette O'Donnelly (Sacramento, CA, US)
Big roll top bag!

I love this bag. The material is light yet feels very strong, and the waist bag is a perfect addition. The bag is large enough and sturdy enough to carry lots of stuff safely and may be the first time my ukulele isn’t sticking out the top of some carry on bag I’m attempting to wrestle onto the plane. Thanks Got Bag!

Heather Gerard (Conway, AR, US)
Return Process

I ordered a small moon bag recently after carrying the large in Seadragon for a while. After receiving I realized it wasn’t quite the color I wanted so I started the return process and it was so simple and fast! I love my large moon bag so I’m looking forward to using the small and finding the right color for me!

Suzanne Duket (Seattle, WA, US)
Great bags

Love my rolltop bag and hip bag! I got the rolltop lite bag in yellow for bike commuting in traffic and it is BRIGHT. The color is bold but also stylish. It's bigger than I expected too, plenty of room for my laptop, jacket, and anything else I would want to ride around with. I expected the material to feel rubbery or like vinyl, but got a nice sturdy texture to it. I have a feeling these bags will last a long time!

Deidre (South Hadley, MA, US)

This is the perfect casual bag. Nice and roomy, lightweight, and the brown goes with everything. And it’s plus size friendly!

Melissa S. (Kansas City, MO, US)
Feel Good About the Purchase

I've been looking for a bag to use as my primary work bag. I really wanted to find something from a sustainable brand I could feel good about purchasing from. Trying a new brand can be a risk, especially with eco brands where you are investing in a more expensive item than an Amazon Prime special. I didn't need to use my return, but it made it an easy "yes" to purchase this item to know that the company stands by its product enough to offer just a good return and refund policy.