Collecting waste with TrashBooms

Plastic Fischer is an NGO based in Cologne, which has been dedicated to combating ocean plastic pollution since 2019. Using innovative technologies, special boats, nets and fences, they collect plastic waste from waters in India and Indonesia without endangering marine wildlife. Since April 2021, the employees have collected more than 950,000 kg of plastic waste from rivers! The collected waste is then processed and recycled so that it does not re-enter the environment.

Additionally, Plastic Fischer is involved in educational and awareness-raising efforts to raise awareness about the issue and contribute to reducing plastic waste. With their work, they have a positive impact on our environment, and we want to support them in this endeavor! As part of our partnership, we funded three Trash Booms in India at the end of last year and two more this year. We are proud to work together to combat the advancing pollution of our oceans.

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