Anchoring Roots in Portland: GOT BAG's North American Journey

Anchoring Roots in Portland: GOT BAG's North American Journey

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, amidst the lush forests and snow-capped peaks, lies our North American headquarters in Portland, Oregon. For GOT BAG, choosing this vibrant city as our base was not just a strategic move; it was a conscious decision rooted in values, sustainability, and community.

Embracing Sustainability in the City of Roses

Portland, often dubbed the ‘City of Roses’ for its blooming gardens and eco-conscious ethos, is more than just a picturesque location. It embodies the ethos that GOT BAG stands for - sustainability. Portland, in particular, is a hub of eco-conscious living. Surrounded by nature reserves and committed to reducing its carbon footprint, the city provided an ideal backdrop for our mission.

From Shoreline Cleanup to Headquarters Setup

Our journey in Oregon began with active participation in local shoreline cleanups. Witnessing the passion of the community to preserve their natural surroundings, we felt an instant connection. Inspired by their dedication, we decided to anchor our North American operations here. Portland's community-driven spirit perfectly aligned with our values of environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Fostering Partnerships for a Cleaner Ocean

In Portland, we found more than a headquarters; we found partners. Collaborating with local environmental organizations, schools, and businesses, we embarked on initiatives to raise awareness about plastic pollution and promote sustainable practices. Together, we organized beach cleanups, educational workshops, and eco-friendly events, forging alliances that extend far beyond the business realm.

Empowering a Small Team with a Mighty Impact

Despite being a small team in Portland, our impact echoes loudly. Oregon's innovative spirit and commitment to environmental conservation have invigorated our work. From designing eco-friendly products to engaging with local schools for environmental education, every step we take resonates with the spirit of Portland.

Joining Hands for a Greener Tomorrow

GOT BAG’s presence in Portland is more than a business venture; it’s a commitment to fostering change. We invite you to join hands with us, the small but passionate team in Oregon, as we navigate the challenges of plastic pollution. Together, we can turn the tide and create a greener, cleaner tomorrow for our oceans and communities.

Stay tuned for more updates from our Portland base as we sail towards a sustainable future, one recycled bag at a time.

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