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World's first DAYPACK backpack made of ocean plastic! 
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Recovered with our own ocean clean up!

Stylish & compact – for spontaneous ocean lovers. Features an integrated 13" laptop compartment and a luggage strap. It provides maximum comfort with a padded back.

For each DAYPACK, we recycle 5.5 lb ocean plastic.

  • Color: BLACK, REEF, CORAL, ROSE PEARL (slight variations in the product colors possible)
  • Fabric made of 100% ocean plastic
  • Straps & clips made of recycled PET
  • Waterproof organic PU coating
  • Fits every 13" laptop
  • 11 l volume
  • Dimensions: 14" x 11" x 5” (H x W x D) 
  • Weight: 1.19 lb
What is so special about my GOT BAG?

With your GOT BAG we are jointly fighting against plastic polluted oceans and for a responsible use of plastic overall. That's why we don't just recover and recycle the ocean plastic used to make your backpack, but we also make sure that the other types of plastic collected with our clean-up program are fed into suitable recycling solutions to ensure that they never end up in the ocean again. This is how we rethink circular economy and actively fight for the preservation of our planet. 
Together with the GOT BAG family, we want to raise awareness - with both our own clean-up program and educational work on the ground in Indonesia, but also by sensitizing people worldwide to a more conscious approach to plastic. Be part of our mission to 'Create an Impact': Let's question our own actions and create change together!

Where does the ocean plastic for my GOT BAG come from?

Our network of 2,000 fishermen in Demak, on the north shore of Java, Indonesia, collects ocean plastic as by-catch. The PET portion of the by-catch is shredded into pellets, while all other unusable parts of the recovered plastic are discarded according to the right recycling chain.The pellets are then shipped to our production facility in China, where we turn them into a robust yarn and ultimately into a polyester fabric.To make our products waterproof, we are using an innovative water-based ORGANIC-PU coating.

How much plastic has GOT BAG recycled already?

GOT BAG has already recycled over 150 tons of ocean plastic. And thanks to your help we are able to recycle more and more every single day! Thanks to a collaboration with "Cleanhub" all our clean-up efforts in Indonesia will be tracked and documented even more precisely in the future.

Why does my GOT BAG weigh less than the amount of plastic recycled to make it? 

So far, we can only use the PET part of the collected ocean plastic for the production of your GOT BAG. Of course, the other types of plastic do not end up back in the ocean: With our own clean-up program in Indonesia, we ensure that all plastic recovered by the fishermen is fed into suitable recycling solutions. In addition, we are constanly working with our research partners to be able to independently process more and more of it into new products in the future.

How do you prevent my GOT BAG from ending up in the ocean again?

To ensure that your GOT BAG doesn't end up in the ocean again, we use robust, durable materials and a timeless, minimalist design strategy. We consciously refrain from regular, constantly new collection cycles. In doing so, we prevent more and more plastic from being produced and instead ensure a functioning circular economy. If your GOT BAG is ever worn out or damaged, we offer you a way to repair or even replace it with the GOT BAG repair service. Because only a product that is used for as long as possible proves to be particularly sustainable for us.

What can be the reason for my GOT BAG looking worn out at some parts?

Your GOT BAG is made of 100% recycled materials, so there may always be small variations in structure and color. Of course, we are aiming to provide you with a flawless product and therefore are constantly optimizing our processes be able to correct small defects in the material structure. Until then, we would like to suggest you to treat small imperfections at home with a damp microfiber cloth or a cockpit cleaning cloth.

How sustainable are the logistical routes of my GOT BAG?

We take our mission seriously: To keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible, we choose trains to Europe and ships to the US as our means transport. Also, our sustainable products are shipped in reusable and recyclable poly mailers made of 100% recycled materials (for most households, these would be recycled at a standard grocery bag drop off location). To learn more about our approach to eco-friendly packaging, visit our partner’s website here. Currently, we are in close contact with our carriers to be able to offer climate-neutral shipping options. Stay tuned!

What makes our product so special?

stylish & compact
  • Adapts to every occasion with the compact size 
  • Features an integrated 13" laptop compartment and a luggage strap
  • Provides maximum comfort with a padded back
made of ocean plastic
  • With its timeless, minimalistic design and durable, sturdy material, your GOT BAG will be on your side for a long time in everyday life and while traveling.
  • Together, we support a sustainable circular economy and tackle the problem at its root - because not only do we recycle ocean plastic for your GOT BAG, but we also work to prevent plastic from being used and ending up in the ocean in the first place.
  • Each GOT BAG is a unique piece that you can be proud of.
water-resistant material
  • An innovative and eco-friendly organic polyurethane coating protects your belongings. 
2-year warranty
  • Only a long lasting product is a truly sustainable product. That’s why we offer you a 2 year warranty for all GOT BAGs.
  • If the long-lasting backpacks are ever worn out or damaged, we offer you a free repair service. This way you can use your backpack as long as possible and hopefully you won't have to buy a new one so quickly. 
  • In case our products can no longer be repaired, we recycle the material back into the GOT BAG production. In doing so, we pursue the goal that plastic collected with our Clean-Up never ends up in the ocean again.
care instructions
  • Use warm water & a microfibre cloth or a cockpit cleaning cloth to wipe down your GOT BAG
  • Do not machine wash, dry, iron, dry clean or bleach.

How we turn trash into treasure

Our network of 1,500 fishermen on the north shore of Java, Indonesia collects ocean plastic as by-catch. The plastic is cleaned and sorted before processed.
The PET portion of the by-catch is shredded into pellets, while all other types of the recovered plastic are discarded according to the right recycling chain.
The pellets are turned into a robust yarn and ultimately into a polyester fabric, which is water-repellent thanks to an innovative BIO-PU coating and the foundation for your GOT BAG.
To keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible, we chose trains to Europe and ships to the US as our means of transport. We are also working on climate-neutral and carbon offset options, to get the products to our end customers. Stay tuned!

Be part of the
GOT BAG Family

You take action and help to protect our oceans & the environment

You enjoy a high-quality, stylish & long-lasting product

You contribute to a plastic-free future for our oceans

You’re in great company with over 50,000 like-minded ocean lovers

You support a system with fair & social working conditions for everyone involved

Your product is being produced together with our bluesign®, BSCI and SMETA certified partners

Ever since we started our journey in 2016, we’ve been pursuing our goal of cleaning the oceans from plastic waste!

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Leonore Hinz
Good daypack, but NOT WATERPROOF!

Been using this daypack on a daily basis for almost two years. It's very practical and sturdy BUT I want to emphasise that it is NOT waterproof! Once it starts raining, it doesn't hold and the contents get wet. Since I bought it under the premise that it would be waterproof, this has been highly disappointing.

Lynette Elhilu
Best bag ever

I love this bag so much and respect the company because of the reuse of recycled materials. 10/10 would recommend to anyone

Pamela Walker


Kendra Nelson

Love! So cute and the perfect size!

Fallon Lombardo

Sturdy and beautiful. It held all my carry on items, books, and more!

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Thank you! of ocean plastic will be recovered because of your choice! Great choice! Your selection helps us to clean up the oceans.

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